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Fresh Black Winter Truffles (Various Sizes)

  • Fresh Black Winter Truffles (Various Sizes)
Freshly harvested Black Winter Truffle from Manjimup. Perfect for your next culinary adventure. Fresh truffles have a beautiful rounded shape and only "very slight" visual defects are permitted.
  • Fresh Black Winter Truffles (Various Sizes)
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$70.00 - $280.00




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Freshly harvested Black Winter Truffle, Tuber Melanosporum. Perfect for your next culinary adventure. 

Origin: Europe
Availability: Dec - Mar

Origin: Australia
Availability: Jun - Aug

Weight may vary +/- 5g

To avoid disappointment, please order by Friday 3pm for deliveries the following week.

Our views on storing truffles: Fresh truffles are best kept refrigerated wrapped in absorbent kitchen paper in a sealed container such as a Tupperware or a polystyrene/foam box. Eggs can be added into the box to take the truffle flavor. It is recommended to replace the paper towels every 2-3 days as they get very humid. It is always best to use truffles as quickly as possible and use the small cut pieces first if any.

Well looked after, truffles can last up to 2 weeks. To keep truffles beyond this time, we recommend freezing them, vacuum-packed in small 50-100g bags. Frozen truffles must then be used (shaved or grated) while still frozen. If they defreeze, they will become very soft, loose juice and be very difficult to slice.

Other ways to keep truffles: preserved in sterelized jars if you have the appliance to do so; or frozen in olive oil, beaten eggs, truffle butter, perigueux sauce etc.

Feel free to download this handy pdf with truffle FAQs.