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Truffle Lady featured in Weekend Edition



The Truffle Lady was recently featured in The Weekend Edition - take a look

Truffle Man champagne sabering features on The Great South East

9th November 2008 During the Wilson's Boathouse segment, our very own Amanda graced the television screens and demonstrated the unique French practice of 'Sabering', where bottles of champagne are opened with a sabre. Find out more about our champagne sabering events here or contact us to book your demonstration or have a training session held for [...]

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The Truffleman products featured on MasterChef Australia

Tonka Beans, Bottarga, Truffles and Foie Gras have all been featured in recipes on MasterChef Australia.   The Truffleman's Queensland vanilla beans were featured on Celebrity Masterchef in a mouth-watering panna cotta prepared by Premier Anna Bligh.  These incredibly fresh, moist and aromatic vanilla beans come from the Daintree forest in Cow Bay near Port Douglas, Northern Queensland.  Grab your own [...]

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Champagne Paul Dethune, featured in Gourmet Traveller, only available through The Truffleman!

Champagne Paul Dethune, exclusively distributed by The TruffleMan, listed amongst the Top 12 Non-Vintage champagne by Gourmet Traveller. All Champagne Grand cru and exclusively from Ambonnay, one of the only 17 Grand Cru villages of Champagne. Champagne producers and bottlers since 1890, the estate is now managed by Pierre and Sophie Dethune who dedicate their family know-how and their [...]

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French Provincial magazine features The Truffleman

Haven't heard about French Provincial? Rush to your newsagent and ask for it!  A nice gathering of really interesting articles (with beautiful pictures) written with passion. A great magazine!

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Australian vanilla beans

From Northern Queensland rain forest, discover this unmatched vanilla! Organically grown (undergoing certification), each flower must be pollenized by hand and the real know-how is in the fermentation process to develop the best flavour. The favorite (and secret) of many chefs across the country. Fresh and moist, more fragrant and intense than imported vanilla (the highest vanillin concentration), you use [...]

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Australian bottarga - simply the best!

Rediscover Bottarga! We mean the real one from mullet fish. "Being from the Mediterrannean region, I grew up with bottarga (boutargue in French), but happily admit that this Brisbane-made Bottarga is superior to anything I had before! Not so surprising given the exceptional quality of the fish in Queensland waters" TheTruffleman. Recently quoted in many recipes including Masterchef and [...]

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